Membership Tiers

The SCSM offers two types of membership. The membership status are designed to accommodate all levels of skills, ages, health conditions and financial situations. We encourage you to read the descriptions of each of the tiers to choose the tier that compliments your abilities and desires. All tiers require a criminal background check or possession of a current SC Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) for membership into the SCSM.

Active Duty

Active duty SC State Militia membership is for those who support the missions of the SCSM and are able to commit their time and resources. They may or may not have all the physical capabilities but are willing and able to take on assignments commensurate with their abilities and any limitations.

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Reserve Militia.

Reserve Militia memberships are for those who support the missions of the SCSM but cannot commit to the obligations and requirements of Active Duty due to time restraints or financial circumstances. Reserve Militia membership requires minimal equipment and time

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