Frequently Asked Questions

Is This A White Supremacy Group?

Racial discrimination of any type is strictly forbidden. We have a zero tolerance policy of discriminatory remarks or actions against a person's religion or skin color.

Do You Have An Age Limit?

We accept men and women ages 18 to 70 years old.

Do You Have A Drug And Alcohol Policy?

Illegal drug use is strictly forbidden. We have a zero tolerance policy for drug and alcohol addiction.

Do You Require A Background Check?

We require a clear criminal background check of all applicants.

What Does Your Organization Do If A Member Is Or Has Committed A Crime?

If a member is found to be or have participated in criminal behavior we will notify the appropriate law enforcement agency of that individual and their behavior. That member will then have their membership immediately revoked and banned from re-obtaining membership in the future. 

Do I Need To Have Military Experience To Become A Member?

We believe all men and women have valuable skills that will benefit our organization.

What Can I Hope To Learn With Your Organization?

We will instruct you in various skills such as:
First aid
CLS Combat Life Saver
Water Purification
Fire Making
Wilderness Shelter Building
Along with many other advanced skills.

Do You Have Membership Dues?

Membership dues vary from $5 to $20 per month based on the level of membership chosen. Please read the tiers of membership description and benefits each tier offer.

Will I Be Able To See What My Dues Are Being Used For?

A monthly financial report is issued to all members. We are completely transparent with our finances and you'll be able to see where your dollars are being spent.