Membership Status

Active Duty

$20 per month.

Access to all SCSM Training pages and videos (firearms, medical, supplies etc.)
Access to all SCSM chat and information pages.

Access to your Brigade and Regimental chat page.
Invitation to all family events.

All equipment is suggested to be obtained within one calendar year from start of membership.

The following is a general list. A specific and detailed list with recommendations will be provided after membership is completed.

Multicam Uniform: Shirt/jacket, pants, hat, gloves and boots.

Load Carrying Equipment, to hold; Rifle & pistol magazines.

Medical supplies.

Communication equipment.

Auxiliary equipment and water.

Rifle, semiauto with sling.

Handgun, semiauto

Ammunition: Rifle- 600 rounds minimum, with magazines to carry 180 rounds.

Handgun- 3 full magazines.

Cleaning kit for both firearms.

IFAK, Individual First Aid Kit.

Navigation Tools.

Camouflage sticks or paint.

Hands free flashlight w/ changeable lenses.

Miscellaneous other items.


Must attend all Regimental meetings. Generally, they are twice a month, both in person and on conference calls.

Must attend all Unit meetings. They are on conference calls.

Must attend a minimum of 4 full Field Training Exercises (FTX’s), Friday, Saturday and Sunday, in a calendar year.

You will be assigned a task commensurate with your skills, experience or interest of which you will be responsible for. Must complete basic training card skills and knowledge within 1 calendar year from start of membership.

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